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Hat Vintage

dream log

dream diary:

i was in a club with helen and some guy name john,, john was like a ghost or half ghost, he was goofy, helen looked so banging in the dream, she was all hugging me and shit :D.....then i noticed this hispanic / indian chiq she was so fine. she kept giving me sexy stares,,, i didnt aproach her, then i got loose and started to bug out.. i climbed out the window and looked in the window of the floor below. i saw somme guy that looked like dennis from jhs.. so i was like dennis!!! yo....... calling at him,, but the guy said u got the wrong guy. but i was like yo i know its u fool........then he got pissed said he gonna fuck me up im liek aight then........... then the scene jumped, all of a sudden that guy that looked like dennis and his group was blowing shit up with hitech gadgets... and they had a nuke too.......after all that was over i saw that hispanic chick and again..... mmmmmmmmmm she looked sooooo fine.. then i saw fat joe..........then a flash light shined on me, and it was the guy that looked like dennis,, he had a zerg lurker in his hands,.. wanted to fight me...... i knew i was gonan get fuckeddd up but oh well,, i took 2 flash lights tro use as a weapon, and i rushed him.. snuffed his face.. he didnt feel anything. so someone from the crowed threw me a crow bar.. its ON now.. now he gonan get killed............. then i woke up :{


Hat Vintage

September 2009

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